My Chemical Romance 2019 Return

How cool is that?????? Unfortunately the tickets for the Shrine Expo Hall show sold out way fast (as expected) and even though we were online an hour before and jumped into “line” right when it opened, we didn’t get tickets before they were gone.

But, we did have fun with some MCR fan art and here’s hoping for a full tour in 2020!

Boy Division

Our instrumental rock version of My Chemical Romance’s song Boy Division went live on Friday, September 13. We had a blast recording this song and hope you enjoy it.

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If you don’t use Spotify (you should, they’re awesome!), the song can be found on most of the popular streaming services.

Friday the 13th

Finally, right?

Our second song drops on Friday, September 13th! You can check it out on all of your favorite streaming services including Spotify and don’t forget to like, favorite and subscribe!